Teachers use the Blog feature in Otus as a discussion board about different topics. Family members have access to view their student’s blog post(s), in addition to any comments on the post(s).

Click on the Blog module.
From there, you can view any class blog from your student(s) by changing the drop-down menus in the upper-right corner.

Parents CAN...

  • See posts made by their child's teacher
  • See posts made by their student
  • See teacher comments only on their student's post
  • See only their student's comments on teacher posts.

Parent's CAN'T...

  • See other student's comments on teacher posts.
  • Comment on posts.

To see an individual blog post, click on the post. This is where you'll be able to see the comment(s) your student has left on that post (if any).

Want to see other areas of Otus as a family member? Check out the link below!

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