You can see attendance, the family communication log, the student’s portfolio and more. This can be a handy tool to use during a meeting with parents to easily navigate through the data on the student.

From the home screen, select Classes

Click on the tile of the student whose profile you wish to view.

There are 4 tabs you can navigate between when exploring the student profile.


This contains basic student information along with attendance, recognition, participation and gradebook data.


This contains the student's blog as well as any assessments or blog posts that the student or teacher wanted to showcase in the student profile.  Teachers are also able to add a note to the portfolio as long as it's connected to a class.


This will provide analytics data for the particular student in recognitions, participation, attendance, and 3rd party/Otus assessments. Click the row of an assessment you assigned to view more information about it.


This will provide class and record information for each individual student.  Here, you can view all the student's classes and their respective class codes, a log of all family communication history, student notes, and student attachments.  

If you wish to leave a note that will carry over from school year to school year, be sure to add it under the "All Classes" Category, as all notes attached to a class will be removed when the student is no longer in that class.

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