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Upload Student Attendance
Upload Student Attendance

Otus allows the uploading of attendance data for utilization in analytics and report cards.

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Attendance data can be uploaded to Otus for use in analytics and report cards. This article will help you prepare an export of your data for upload to Otus.

Filling in the Otus Template

  • Using an export of your data, you'll need to fill out a template to upload the information into Otus.

  • Please click here to download the .CSV template that you'll use to organize your existing data.

  • Data in all columns is required unless otherwise specified.

  • Student Email (Column A, required): the students' email addresses must be the ones that are used for their Otus accounts.

  • Teacher Email (Column B, optional):

    • This column is not technically required, but can be used if helpful.

    • If choosing to use this column, this email address must be that of the main teacher, not co-teacher.

    • This email address must be one of an active teacher account in Otus.

  • Course ID (Column C, required):

  • Date (Column D, required): Year, Month, and Day are required (YYYY-MM-DD)

  • Status (Column E, required): These are the attendance options:

    • Present

    • Tardy

    • Absent

  • Note (Column F, optional): This column is optional. You can attach a note to the attendance record using this column. There is no character limit.

Once you’ve compiled your students’ attendance data according to the Otus template, you are ready to go!

Share the Template with the Otus Team

  • The final step is to share your data with the Otus team. Please reach out to your Otus Client Experience Partner or to We will provide you with a link to use to securely share the completed .CSV file with Otus.

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