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How to use ShareFile as part of your Otus integration.

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Otus uses ShareFile to securely request and/or distribute files to our districts/sites. At certain times, you may be asked to upload a file to ShareFile. The process is as follows:

  • Otus will create a folder for your district/site in ShareFile.

  • Your Otus Client Experience Partner or a member of our Data Team will send an upload request email from ShareFile.

  • When you click the Upload button in the ShareFile email, you will be asked to sign in, or if you do not already have a ShareFile account, you will be prompted to create one.

  • After signing in to your existing account or creating a new ShareFile account, you will see a screen where you can upload files to the secure folder. Otus will automatically be notified when the upload is complete.

💡 Tip: To ensure data security, any Sharefile links sent from Otus may include limits on the number of times the link can be accessed, and may expire after a period of time. If you need to request a new data upload link, please contact clientdata@otus.com, or reach out to our Support Team using the chat feature in your Otus account.

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