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Plans Guide for Teachers
Plans Guide for Teachers

Learn to view plans, add students, enter plan data, and view historical progress

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Plans allows educators to create and monitor a variety of different data points in a district-specific, itemized plan. Progress can then be tracked across classes and school years, allowing for a more individualized and flexible approach to learning and growth. First, administrators create a flexible plan template to monitor criteria or items. These items can each be evaluated on different scales or even formatted to allow for simple text entry. After a plan template has been published in Otus, teachers can add students to the plan, view progress for any students in their classes, and update student progress for each plan.

🤔 Curious about adding Plans to your district? Contact your administrator or reach out to us using the in-app chat!

Viewing Available Plans

The primary navigation page of the plans module contains a list of the existing plans for the district. On this page, teachers can see the plan title, the overall status breakdown, who created it, and when it was last modified. Select a plan to open that specific plan and see a list of students that have been added.

Adding Students

Teachers can add individual students or student groups from their own classes to any plan. There are a few different places to add students.

From the Plan Overview Page

Select Add Students from the upper right-hand corner of the plan overview page.

From the Menu

Select the ellipsis menu beside the student's name and choose Add Students.

From the Status Bar

Select Add Students in the status bar. This is only an option if no students are added to the plan.

Viewing Plan Data

  • Step 1: Select Plans from your list of modules. Scroll through the list or use the built-in search feature to locate the correct plan template.

  • Step 2: Click on the name of the Plan you'd like to view to see the students already added to the Plan and the details of the Plan template. This page consists of two parts: Students and Details.

  • Step 3: Click on the bar chart for any item on the Details page to see all students with data tracked in each item. Filter to each value represented on the bar chart if needed.

➡️ Student List View

What You See:

  • Overall Status of the plan: This shows the progress for all of your students in the plan.

  • Students list:

    • Student name (sorted alphabetically)

    • Student's overall plan status

    • Grade Level

    • School Site

    • Last Modified Date

  • Search Students: This allows you to search the list of students already added to the plan.

  • Download: Export the student list, including additional student attributes, to a CSV file.

💡 Tip: To see a student’s plan and the status of the individual items within the plan, click on the student’s row. Click here to learn more about updating a student's plan.

➡️ Details View

What You See

  • Status - scale being used for the overall plan status

  • Description - details of what is being measured or tracked in the plan

  • Sections - groups of items (specific columns )that outline the measures being tracked

  • Item Status Analytics - a horizontal bar chart to break down the details of that particular item (learn more here)

Click on the bar chart for any item on the Details page to see all students with data tracked in each item. Filter to each value represented on the bar chart if needed.

➡️ Individual Student View

Educators can start adding data and viewing historical progress as soon as the plan template is published and students are added.

Student Plan Page

  • An overall plan status

  • A description of the plan

  • Items that track the status of individual data points in the plan

  • Select an item to open its historical data and any added attachments.

  • Download a student summary report by clicking on the file download icon.

Updating Student Data

Once a student has been added to the plan, their progress can be viewed or updated by any administrator and any teacher who has access to that student.

Updating the Overall Status

Teachers can update the overall status of the plan by editing the status row.

Updating Plan Items

Teachers can also update specific items in the Plan by clicking on the status, date, or notes fields in the student's plan.

Adding Attachments

Teachers can add attachments to a student's status update as well.

Receive more detailed guidance on updating a student's plan or adding attachments.

💡Tip: Save time and update multiple items at once.

  • Check the individual items you'd like to update

  • Select the new value for the status column. You will see a different status field for each scale that is in use. In this case, two of the fields use the same scale while one of the fields is different.

  • Add any notes or attachments.

  • The same notes and attachments will show in each status update.

Viewing Historical Data

As the items in a student’s plan are updated over time, the historical data of any status is recorded and accessible to all educators with access to that student’s plan. It is presented both as a line graph displaying the progress on that status over time, and a table showing each entry, with the newest at the top.

Accessing the Historical Data of an Item

  • Step 1: Open the plan and choose the student you'd like to view.

  • Step 2: On the student's plan page, select the item name or description of the item.

Removing Students

A student can be "removed" from a plan, or they can "complete" a plan.

Removing a Student

  • The plan no longer pertains to the student and no longer needs to be monitored and tracked for this student.

  • The student was accidentally added to the plan.

Completing a Plan

  • Educators have tracked and monitored all that is needed, and the student can now transition out of the plan.

  • The student has met the goals of the plan.

Reactivating Students

  • If a student was removed or marked complete for a plan, you can add them back to the plan to reactivate their plan and unarchive their previously saved data.

Editing Permissions for Students and Families

Teachers can grant access to an individual student's plans for both students and family members.

❗Teachers can only edit student and family access to plans if an administrator has granted them that ability. If you'd like to grant access to students and families and do not have the ability, connect with your administrator.

  • Step 1: Select the plan to make visible to your student and their family.

  • Step 2: Select the desired student.

  • Step 3: Choose the ellipsis and select Permissions.

  • Step 4: Enable the desired permissions and save.

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