This article provides teachers with a brief introduction to Otus Plans. Each section includes links to full articles that offer more detailed information.

❓ What is Plans? 

Otus Plans allows educators to track a variety of data points in a district-specific, itemized plan. Progress can then be tracked across classes and school years, allowing for a more individualized and flexible approach to learning and growth.

❓ How can teachers use Plans? 

After a plan template has been published in Otus, teachers can add students to the plan, view progress for any students in their classes, and update student progress for each plan.

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Viewing Plans

  • Step 1: Select Plans from your list of modules.

  • Step 2: Click on the name of the Plan you'd like to view to see the students already added to the Plan and the details of the Plan template.

➡️ The Plans Page

This page consists of two sections: Plans and Template Info.


The Plans page shows the list of students who have been added to the plan. The Search Students field searches the list of students already added to the Plan.

  • The Students list is sorted alphabetically by last name, but the sort can be reversed by clicking on the Students column heading.

  • The Status column displays the current overall status of the Plan.

💡 Tip from the Otus Team: To see a student’s plan and the status of the individual items within the plan, click on the student’s row. For more information on updating a student’s plan, click here.

Template Info

Template Info presents a read-only view of the details of the plan, including the description and each section with all corresponding items. This allows teachers and administrators to easily see the plan in its entirety without adding a student or opening a specific student’s plan progress.

  • Step 3: Select a student's row to open their specific plan and view their progress.

Adding Students 

Teachers can add any individual students or student groups from their own classes to any plan.

  • Step 1: Students can be added by selecting Add Students from the ellipsis menu on the Plans list or by choosing Add Students when a Plan has been selected.

  • Step 2: Type the name of the student or student group in the Search field.

❗Important Note: Because the search results are account-specific, teachers only see students from their own classes.

  • Step 3: Select the student or student group from the list to add them to the Selected Students field.

For more information about adding students to a plan, view this article!

Updating Student Data

Once a student has been added to the Plan, their progress can be viewed or updated by any administrator and any other teacher who has access to that student.

➡️. Teachers can update the overall status of the plan by editing the status row.

➡️ Teachers can also update specific items in the Plan by clicking on the status, date, or notes fields in the student's plan.

For more detailed guidance on updating a student’s plan, view this article!

Viewing Historical Data

As the items in a student’s plan are updated over time, the historical data of any status is recorded and accessible to all educators with access to that student’s plan. It is presented both as a line graph displaying the progress on that status over time, and a table showing each entry, with the newest at the top.

To access the historical data of an item:

  • Step 1: After opening the Plan template, choose the student you'd like to view.

  • Step 2: On the student Plan page, select the name or description of the item:

For a more detailed look at historical item performance, view this article!

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