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Manual Rostering in Otus
Manual Rostering in Otus

Roster students and teachers in Otus directly without utilizing your Student Information System.

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Rostering is the first step in the Otus implementation process. Otus has the ability to sync students, teachers, rosters, and demographic information with the following Student Information Systems.

If you’d rather roster your students and teachers directly in Otus and forgo an integration with your Student Information System, there are two options for manually rostering classes:

Share a Rostering File with the Otus Team

  • Step 1: Please click here to download the template that you will complete and share with the Otus team in order to roster teachers and students in Otus.

    • Sheet 1 ("Example Rostering Template") outlines each field and the acceptable values. Sheet 2 ("Blank Rostering Template") is a blank template that you can use to format your data.

    • Fields that are required are highlighted in blue. Optional columns can be left blank. For example, if you are not sharing demographic information with Otus such as Gender or Race/Ethnicity, those columns can simply be left blank.

  • Step 2: Once your rostering file is compiled in .csv format, you can securely share it with the Otus team. If you have not received a secure link to share your district's rostering data, please reach out through the Otus in-app chat and our team will happily provide you with one.

The Otus team will handle all bulk uploads of rostering for each school year. Your district will be responsible for maintaining records throughout the school year, including student movement between classes or new enrollments.

Manually Roster Classes in Otus

Instead of (or in addition to) sharing a rostering file for the Otus team to upload, teachers and administrators also have the option to create and roster classes manually in Otus.

💡 Tip: Need to create a new student account or a new teacher account? This is done by adding the student or teacher (as main teacher or co-teacher) to a class.

Create a New Class

From an Admin account:

From the District module, select Add Class at the top right.

From a Teacher account:

From the Classes module, select Add Class at the top right.

Add Students to a Class

There are three ways to add a student to your class:

Add Co-Teachers to a Class

Co-teachers can be added when initially creating a class, or by navigating to the Class Info page of an existing class.

Edit Class or Student Information

Use the links below for information on editing class information and student information.

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