Create a Student Account

Create a new student account as a teacher or administrator.

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Please Note: If your district syncs Otus to your SIS (Student Information System) for rostering, new student accounts will automatically be created in Otus when the student is added to your SIS. In such cases, the methods described below may not be available to your district, or may be useful only for classes that do not exist in your SIS.

  • Students do not have the option to create their own accounts. Only Teacher and Admin account holders can create student accounts.

  • Student accounts can only be created by Adding the Student to a Class (if your district's SIS syncs with Otus to roster students to classes, then this option may not be available).

  • Did the student you would like to add have an Otus account at a previous school? If so, please contact the Otus Support Team in the chat, and we will be happy to help!

For step-by-step instructions, use the links provided to find out how to create student accounts by 1) adding students using an email address, or 2) uploading a CSV.

💡 Tip: Student accounts that are created using the methods above will not include grade level, gender, or ethnicity/race information. After the account has been created, that information can be added to the student's profile by any admin account with access to the student.

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