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Add a Co-Teacher to a Class
Add a Co-Teacher to a Class

Add co-teachers to classes as a main teacher or administrator.

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Main (lead) teachers and administrators can add one or more co-teachers to classes. There are two ways to add co-teachers in Otus: one at a time using their email address or by CSV (spreadsheet) upload.

💡 Tip: Please be sure to notify any co-teachers that they have been added to the class, and that they will now see the class listed in their Classes module. This helps to avoid confusion and the accidental archiving or deleting of classes!

If your school is rostered through an overnight sync from your student information system or Clever, it would be best to add the co-teacher in the source (SIS/Clever) than in Otus. For additional details, please review the co-teacher FAQ in this article.

Add Co-Teachers by Email

  • Step 1: Navigate to the Classes module

  • Step 2: Select Class Info

  • Step 3: Choose the correct class.

  • Step 4: Navigate to the teacher section.

  • Type in the full email address (do not add a space after the email) 

  • Select Add

  • Select Save

Creating a New Teacher Account

  • If you enter an email address that is not associated with a current teacher account in Otus, you will be asked if you would like to create an account. Select Yes to continue.

  • Fill out the necessary fields for the new account, and click the Save button.

    • All fields are required except for phone number.

    • It is necessary to create a password, but the password will only be used if your district signs in to Otus manually with an email and password.

Add Co-Teachers via CSV Upload

You can also add co-teachers by CSV upload if you want to add multiple co-teachers at a time:

  • Step 1: Select Download Template.

  • Step 2: Fill out the template (do not change any headings). 

  • Step 3: Upload the template by selecting Choose File, then Upload.

  • Step 4: Select Save.

Main Teacher vs. Co-Teacher

To see exactly what a co-teacher is able to do, select the button below.

💡 Tip: Co-teachers do have the ability to archive or delete classes. If they archive or delete a class from within their account, it will also archive or delete that class from the main teacher as well. We highly recommend reminding your co-teachers not to archive or delete classes unless they are specifically asked to do so.

FAQ and Troubleshooting

Click to view FAQ and troubleshooting details.

Is there a limit to the number of co-teachers that can be added to a class?

There is no set limit to the number of co-teachers that can be added to a class.

Can co-teachers archive/delete classes?

Yes, they can. If a co-teacher archives or deletes a class, it will also archive/delete from the main teacher as well. For more information on co-teacher capabilities, click here.

I added a co-teacher to my class, but they were removed overnight. Why?

If your district uses our overnight sync or Clever for rostering, any teacher currently in your SIS (Student Information System) or Clever must also be added as a co-teacher for the class in your SIS or Clever, or they will be removed from the class in Otus during the nightly sync. If your district does NOT use Clever for rostering and the co-teacher was removed, please reach out to the Otus Support team using the chat feature so that we may further assist you.

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