This article provides a brief overview of the Control Center module available in the Main Admin account.

There are six (6) components to the Control Center:

Check out the sections below for more details on each.


The Grading section of the Control Center holds the settings for Grading Scales, Mastery Settings, and Standards Settings.

  • Grading Scales: creating and editing grading scales, along with setting the grade-level permissions for each grading scale can be done here.

  • Mastery Settings: these include Mean, Mode, Most Recent, Highest, and Decaying average. These can be made available on a grade-level basis.

  • Standards Settings: this is where a district chooses the group(s) of standards to use. This is also where standards tags are created.

Admin Users

The Admin Users section of the Control Center allows you to add admin users, as well as adjust their permissions.


The Standards section of the Control Center is where the Main Admin can add and edit custom standards.


The Uploads section of the Control Center is where bulk uploading of family information and profile pictures can be done.

Academic Sessions

The Academic Sessions section of the Control Center is where date-ranges for grading periods are set. 


The Integrations section of the Control Center is where specific integrations can be turned on or off. 

If you are interested in adding an integration, please contact your Otus Technology Coach, or reach out to us in the chat feature.

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