What Does it Mean to Select District Standards?

Main Admin users have the ability to control the standards that teachers can use for assessment creation and their gradebook.

Step 1: Navigate to the Standards Settings in the Control Center.


Step 2: Select the standards you'd like to make available to your teachers.

  • Check the box to make that group of standards available

  • For State Standards, you will have to further identify which state(s) you would like to make available

❗We highly recommend communicating with teachers on the expectations for the group(s) of standards they should be accessing; custom, state, and CCSS standards can sometimes be identical. See this example below;

➡️ Consider this standard: "Understand and apply properties of operations and the relationship between addition and subtraction". This standard can be found in two places (one is Common Core, one is a State Standard), and they have almost identical names. If the teacher uses both the Common Core standard and the State Standard on their assessments, the data will not combine, as they are two different standards in the system. This will result in two different columns in the gradebook.

Want to create Tags for your standards? Click HERE

You've now determined the standards that will be available for your teachers to use


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