This article will provide a brief overview of the Gradebook module. For specific details regarding the points or standards gradebook, check out the links below:

  • To access your gradebook, select Gradebook in the navigation on the left.

  • You can choose to view your Points Gradebook or your Standards Gradebook in the top right corner.

➡️ - Please note that not all districts choose to have the Points Gradebook available.

Points Gradebook

Any assessment given using the points grading scale will be located in the points gradebook.

  • The student's total class percentage is included in the third column.

  • Each assessment will have its own column that includes the score, status, and comments.

  • You can also add a grade for assessments that were not taken directly in Otus by using the + (Plus) Assessment feature.

  • The points gradebook can include grade weighting.

➡️ You can find much more detailed information on using the points gradebook by click the link below.

Standards Gradebook

The standards gradebook stores and calculates the student's performance on standards.

➡️ Rather than each column representing an assessment (like the points gradebook), each column represents a standard in the standards gradebook.

  • The performance level is calculated using the selected Mastery Setting (found in the upper-right corner, the example below is Mean).

  • The number to the right of the performance indicator represents the number of attempts the student has had on that standard.

  • You can click on any cell to see a detailed history of the student's performance on that standard.

💡 Tip from the Otus Team: If there is an additional column in-between the student's last name and the first standard, that means your district has Total Grade Conversion enabled. This takes the performance mean for all attempts and converts it to a total class grade (could be a letter grade, a performance level, or any other term your district has decided to use).

➡️ You can find much more detailed information on using the standards gradebook by click the link below.

Otus Live Videos

Below is a video on how to use gradebook data to create student groups.

Here's another video from the series on how to grade faster and more efficiently!

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