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Review District Rostering
Review District Rostering

Review rostering from the main admin account for your district.

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Is your district rostered using your SIS? If so, this article will outline how you can check on the accuracy of your rostering.

Step 1: Log in

Step 2: View Sites

  • Select the District module and enter each of your district site tiles.

    • Are appropriate sites rostered?

    • Are the teachers connected to classes?

    • Are there extra sites?

❗ Otus displays all sites that are sent to us from your SIS. You can hide sites that are inactive or those you would prefer others do not see, by managing the administrators’ permissions in the Control Center from your main admin account.

Step 3: View Classes

  • Navigate to the Classes module.

  • Select several classes from the center drop down menu to ensure students are appearing in the classes.

  • Select a student or two, to verify that we are pulling in the correct email address format and class schedule.

Step 4: View Teachers

  • Select District the district module from the left-hand menu and then Teachers from the submenu.

  • Select the Classes icon on several teacher tiles to ensure that classes are displaying.

  • Select the Email icon on a few teacher tiles to ensure that email addresses are accurate.

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