Once you have started to create items in an Advanced Assessment, you may be interested in changing the layout to best fit the style of the questions. Changing the layout of an item can include:

  • Arranging questions and/or features into a different order or different placement on the item.

  • Creating columns with various size ratios.

  • Creating tabs that allow for pagination (separation) of content within the item; students can click on the different tabs to see different "sections" of that item without having to scroll through all of the information at once, or move to a completely different item.

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Quick Glance of Example Layouts

Here are a few example layouts.

Example 1

Columns: 30 | 70 Tabs: No Divider: Yes

Example 2

Columns: 60 | 40 Tabs: No Divider: No

Example 3

Columns: 50 | 50 Tabs: Yes Divider: No

Example 4

Columns: Single Tabs: No Divider: ---

Arranging/Rearranging Questions Within the Item

If you have several questions or features within an item, you might want to manipulate their arrangement to best fit the needs of the item.

  • Step 1: Click and hold the "drag" icon located to the right of the question.

  • Step 2: Drag the question to where you'd like it to be in the item. See the clip below.

Creating Columns

Items can have a single column or two-column layout. These can be found in the Settings option when building your item.

In addition to the columns, you can determine if you want tabs (explained in the next section), vertical dividers, or scrolling.

Vertical Dividers

Enabling vertical dividers will place a dividing line to show separation in the columns.

Using Tabs

Using tabs allows you to have different "sections" of content within the same item that can be visible by selecting a tab. See the clip below for an example; the portion on the right contains two tabs, one for each question.

This is a great alternative to "stacking" questions one on top of the other that would require scrolling; using tabs allows the student to click from one tab to the next to see the additional content without needing to scroll.

In the Settings menu, selecting the checkbox for the Left or Right tabs will enable them. They will auto-size according to the two-column ration you've chosen above.

Otus Live Video

Below is a video from our Otus Live series on how to use Advanced Assessment layouts for a passage and multiple choice question.

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