Once aimsweb data has been uploaded into Otus, the data can be viewed in two places; the Student Profile and 3rd Party Analytics. To view data for an individual student, it's best to look in the Student Profile. To view data for multiple students at a time, it's best to look at 3rd Party Analytics.

In the Student Profile:

To view aimsweb data for an individual student , navigate to the student profile.

Step 1: Click on the student in your class list.
Step 2: Navigate to the Reports section.
Step 3: Scroll down; if the student has aimsweb data, it will be located on this page just underneath the table.

View Data for Groups of Students:

You can view aimsweb data for multiple students at once in 3rd Party Analytics.

Step 1: From the Analytics module, select 3rd Party.
Step 2: Set the date range and filters (optional).
Step 3: Click on the aimsweb tile.
Step 4: Choose the GOM and year.

You will see a Group Breakdown of aimsweb data based on the selected GOM and Year criteria.

You can select any part of the bar graph to view each student who scored within a specific Tiered Range.  You can then add these students to a Flag in Otus if you would like to do so.

Continue scrolling down the page to find the aimsweb Summary Data table.

Select See Growth in order to visualize the student's performance on aimsweb.

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