Access the Rubric

  • Click on the assessment in your Assigned Assessments module.

Whole-Class Grading 

The whole-class grading screen will show you:

  • Total Score: only with Points-Based Assessments.
  • Progress Status: Not Started, In Progress, Turned In, or Graded.
  • Submission Status: On Time, Missing, Late, Excused, or Excluded.
  • Star: clicking the star will add the rubric to the student's portfolio.
  • Comment: clicking the comment bubble will allow you to add a comment to that student's assessment.
  • Rubric Descriptors: each descriptor will be listed. To give a score, click where it says Select Grade to choose the score.

To give multiple students the same grade: 

  • select their names.
  • score the first student in your selection.
  • the scores will autofill for the names you selected.


Individual Student Grading 

You can click on any student to see their individual rubric in more detail.

A Closer Look at the Different Grading Components:

See the clip below for:

  • Scoring descriptors
  • Leaving comments on descriptors
  • Changing the status
  • Leaving a comment on the assessment as a whole
  • Viewing the grading status

  • You can expand the rubric to see the full descriptors:
  • You can add this assessment to the student's portfolio by clicking on the star.
  • You can add an attachment by clicking on the plus sign. This will be viewable by the student when they review their grade.
  • You can navigate to the other students by clicking the arrows or expanding the dropdown menu in the upper-right corner.

That's it! You've now learned how to grade a Rubric Assessment!

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