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Student Assessment Completion Status
Student Assessment Completion Status
Student's assessments will have one of four completion statuses: not started, in progress, turned in, and graded.
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This article will outline the completion statuses of Not Started, In Progress, Turned In, and Graded.

If you are looking for information on the submission statuses of On Time, Missing, Late, Excused, or Excluded, check out this article.

Completion Statuses Explained

Example from the grading page of a Rubric Assessment:

Example from the grading page of a Simple or Advanced Assessment:

These statuses are given automatically; they are not able to be manually adjusted.

Not Started

  • Indicates the student has not started the assessment yet.

In Progress

  • Indicates the student has started the assessment but has not turned it in yet.

Turned In

  • Indicates the student has turned in the assessment, but it has not been graded yet.


  • Indicates the assessment has been graded.

Student View

Students can see the submission status of their assessments in their assessments module.

  • The only difference here is that the students will see New! instead of "not started."

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