In the last tutorial, we learned how to create an Item and add a Question. There may be cases where you will want to add more than one question to an Item or add text passages, images, or features like calculators, rulers, protractors, audio, and video players.

Learnosity Items are designed to be flexible. Items can have one or many questions or features, with column customization options that can be used to format the content.

Creating Columns

Columns can be used to divide the Item into sections, making it easier to arrange content.

On top of the Edit Item view, there is a Settings button which, once selected, gives you the option of creating columns, adding a vertical divider between columns, and creating two tabs in either/both of the columns.

Column creation within the Item is simple. Depending on the questions and features you wish to use in your Item, you can select your desired column option: Single option, 30/70, 70/30, 50/50, 40/60 and 60/40. You can also choose where to create tabs in a column.

There is also the option to enable scrolling for long content within the layout options, allowing you to generate scrollable passages around this content.

To reorder the Questions/Features, simply click on the Move button to the right of the Question/Feature, and drag. A drop zone indicator will then appear on the Item.

To add tabs to a column, check the box in the desired column. Click OK on the layout options modal, and then you can begin adding Questions or Features to your tab. In the example below, the column ratio is 60:40, with two tabs in the left column and a vertical dividing line in place.

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