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Standards Based Grading Setup GuideThese are some of the initial steps to take when setting up the Control Center for Standards Based Grading.
Prepare for the New School Year | Administrator ChecklistA list of all of the items that administrators want to make sure are taken care of before the start of the school year.
Viewing Teacher Content from an Administrator AccountView teacher content (assigned lessons, assignments, gradebooks, class information, etc.) from an administrator account.
Upload to ShareFileHow to use ShareFile as part of your Otus integration.
Manual Rostering in OtusRoster students and teachers in Otus directly without utilizing your Student Information System.
A Teacher is Leaving the District: Actions and RecommendationsThe steps to take once it is known that a teacher will be leaving the district.
School-Wide Announcements with Otus: SISHow to configure Otus so that class board, e-mail, and text messages can be send to all students and families.
Viewing Sites, Teachers, and Students from an Admin AccountLearn the functions of the Sites, Teachers, and Students sections of the District module in an Administrator account.
District Student Search from an Admin AccountAdministrators can search for a student in the district and view their student profile.
Prevent Students from Changing Their NameHow to remove the capability for students to change their name in Otus.
Otus Data ConsortiumView and share data with multiple school districts
Administrator Activity DashboardView high level insights on how your district is using Otus.