This article will show you how to configure Otus so that class board, e-mail, and text messages can be sent to all students and families.

➡️ Step 1: Create a course in your SIS that contains all student enrollments.

  • This course should have a title that will make sense to those enrolled, such as "School Announcements".

  • *If you already have a course in your SIS that contains all student enrollments (i.e. Lunch), we can use this class and adjust the name to "School Announcements" in Otus.

➡️ Step 2: Create a new teacher and and assign to the course.

  • Create a generic teacher in your SIS and assign the teacher to the course created in Step 1.

  • The new course will display in Otus following the scheduled nightly sync.

➡️ Step 3: Create school-wide class board posts, or send texts and e-mails to all of your students and families.

  • After the sync occurs, navigate to the Classes module in your administrator account to search for your new course.

Now, you'll be able to create class board posts and use the mailbox to send texts and e-mails!

💡 Tip from the Otus Team: Otus can only be used to send messages to entire classes. If you wish to send messages to specific groups of students (i.e. by grade level), be sure to create these groups as a class in your SIS!

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