A Student Information System, commonly referred to as a SIS, is a management system for student data. Please click here to preview the many SISs that Otus syncs with.

  • If your district chooses to sync their SIS with Otus, you can expect the integration to share students, teachers, rosters, and demographic information with Otus.

  • Otus receives data from your SIS on a nightly basis. This means that data entered in your SIS during the school day will appear in Otus following the nightly sync, or the next day.

  • Otus effectively holds up a mirror to the data in your SIS. This means that the data in Otus mirrors, or matches, the data that exists in your SIS.

Below is a list of frequently asked questions to help you better understand the sync between your SIS and Otus.

How do I add a new student to Otus?

  • New students must be added to your SIS with an email address and enrolled in a class in order to populate in Otus. Once that is done, you can expect them to appear in Otus the following day.

How do I add a new class to Otus?

  • New or additional classes need to be created in your SIS. We rely on your SIS for the most up-to-date rostering information. Once the class is created in your SIS, it will flow to Otus with the nightly sync.

Why am I not seeing a student on my rosters in Otus? If you notice that a student is not in Otus, check the following:

  • Does the student have an email address stored in your SIS? A student must have an email address stored in your SIS in order to populate in Otus.

  • Is the student enrolled in a class in your Student Information System? Students must be enrolled in an active class in order to populate in Otus.

  • If a student has an email address in your SIS, is enrolled in an active class, and you still don't see them in Otus, please reach out through the in-app chat so our team can assist.

How do I fix an inaccuracy in Otus?

  • If you notice an inaccuracy in Otus, the correction MUST be made in your SIS first in order to appear correctly in Otus. Any changes made directly in Otus but not in your SIS will be erased with the nightly sync of data.

Why are my classes named this way?

  • Otus receives class names from a field in your SIS. This means that Class Names in Otus mirror what exists in your SIS and were created by your SIS administrator.

  • While teachers do have the ability to customize their Class Names in Otus, it can be helpful to create clear class names in your SIS so teachers can better decipher their rosters in Otus.

  • If a teacher has four classes titled "Reading" in your SIS, the teacher will see four classes titled "Reading" in Otus. While naming conventions vary from district to district, it can be helpful to include a section or period in the class name. For example, "Reading - Period 1" or "Reading - 002."

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