This article will explain the functions of the student list view within your classes module. 

*note - if you prefer to use the classic tile view, you can toggle between them (see image below).

What are the Functions of this Page?

You can...

  • Access the student profile

  • View, assign, and edit recognitions

  • View, assign, and edit groups

  • Multi-select students (NEW!)

  • Filter students by groups (NEW!)

  • View a class list in CSV form


Access the Student Profile

Click on a student's name to visit their student profile.


View, Assign, and Edit Recognitions

View Recognitions

The main page will give you an overview of the recognitions. In the example below, you can see that this student has 2 positive (+) and 1 negative (-) recognition in your class. Clicking there will take you to the reports page of the student profile, where you can see a more detailed view of those recognitions.

Assign and Edit Recognitions

Click on the ellipsis in the upper-right corner and select Give Recognition.

  • To learn more about creating and assigning a recognition, click HERE.

  • To learn more about editing or deleting a recognition, click HERE.


View, Assign, and Edit Groups

View Groups

Hover over the group indicator to see the title of the group.

You can now filter this page to view only students in a specific group:

  • Select the ellipsis in the upper-right corner and select Filter Groups.

  • Choose the group you wish to filter by.

Assign and Edit Groups

  • Select the ellipsis in the upper-right corner and select Add to Group.

  • For more information on creating and assigning groups, click HERE.

  • For more information on editing or deleting groups, click HERE.

Remove a Student from a Group

  • Click HERE for more information¬†


View a Class List in CSV Form

Click the ellipsis in the upper-right corner and select Download as CSV.

Congratulations! You've now learned how to navigate the student list view in the Classes module.

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