This article outlines the recognitions options available for TEACHER accounts. If you are an ADMINISTRATOR wishing to edit or delete district-level recognitions, click HERE.

➡️ Edit: When you edit a recognition, you can change the name and choose whether it is positive or negative.

➡️ Delete: Deleting a recognition will remove any instance of that recognition being assigned historically, and that recognition will no longer be an option when giving recognitions.

  • Step 1: Navigate to your Classes module and select a class.

  • Step 2: Select the ellipsis in the upper-right corner, then select Give Recognition.

  • Step 3: Hover over the recognition you wish to edit or delete. You will see the pencil and trash can icons.

You can only edit or delete recognitions that you created. If they have a square icon, they are a district recognition and can only be edited by an administrator account.

  • To edit the recognition, select the pencil icon. From here, you can edit the name of the recognition, as well as if it is considered positive or negative. *Note - changing the name here will retroactively change the name in all instances the recognition was previously assigned.

  • To delete the recognition, select the trash can icon. *Note - deleting the recognition here will delete all instances of that recognition being assigned.

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