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From the class list, teachers can view their students, assign recognitions, manage groups, and much more.

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There are many functions that can be completed from the Class List view, beyond just seeing a list of your students. Continue reading to learn more!

Access the Student Profile

Selecting a student from your class list will take you to their student profile.


In the class list view, you can view, assign, and edit recognitions.


  • In the Recognitions column, view how many positive and negative recognitions the student has in the class you are viewing.

  • Selecting the recognitions will take you to a list of the students recognitions from all classes.

Create, Assign, or Edit

  • To create, assign, or edit recognitions, select the ellipsis and choose Give Recognition.

Student Groups


  • In the Groups column, any groups the student has been assigned to will appear as a colored circle:

    • Half filled in circle: district created group

    • Filled in circle: teacher created group

  • Selecting a group will ask you if you want to remove the student from that group.

    • Unable to select the circle? That means it is a district created group; teachers are not able to remove students from district created groups.

  • Hovering over a circle will display the name of that group.

  • To see which students are in each group, select the ellipsis and hover over Filter. Choose the group you wish to see.

💡 Tip: Do you want to see a comprehensive list of the groups each of your students is in, without having to hover over each circle? Downloading a roster will also show you a list of the groups each student is in.

Create, Assign, or Edit

  • To create, assign, or edit student groups, select the ellipsis and choose Give Recognition.

Download a Student Roster

To download a roster, select the ellipsis and choose Download to CSV.

This CSV will include:

  • Student last and first name.

  • Student email

  • SIS ID

  • Name of the class

  • Number of positive and negative recognitions

  • List of student groups

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