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Classes Overview

This article will give a brief overview of the sections available in the Classes module.

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This article describes the sections of the Classes module: Classes, Students, Class Board, Mailbox, and Class Info.


For teacher accounts, the landing page of the of the classes module displays a list of the current classes that you are assigned to as a teacher or co-teacher.

Note: Admin accounts do not include the Classes landing page and will default to the Students page.

The class list displays: 

  • The name of the class

  • The main teacher of the class

  • The grade level

  • The student count


Students displays the class list (class roster). You can change which class to view by clicking in the dropdown menu at the top. 

  • On the Students page, you can assign recognitions, view student groups, access student profiles, and more.

  • For more information on the class list view, click HERE.

Class Board

The Class Board is a place for teachers to post general announcements.

  • For more information on using the Class Board, click HERE.


Mailbox gives teachers and administrators the ability to send emails or texts to students and family members.

  • For more information on the Mailbox feature of Otus, click HERE.

Class Info

The Class Info section allows you to edit information about your class.

  • For more information about the Class Info section, click HERE.

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