Users can add students to a class by Email,  provide students with a Class Code, or upload students via CSV upload.

Adding Students via Email

If a student already has an Otus account, you can add them to the class by entering their email address into the Class Info section of your class.

Select Class Info.

Enter each student's email in the Add Students by Email field.  After entering a student's email, select Enter on your keyboard before adding an additional student.

Provide Students with Class Code

If a student already has an Otus account, they may join your class by entering a Class Code.  You can find the Class Code in the following locations:

  • The Class Info section
  • The Class Tile on the Home Page

Students should enter the class code after selecting Join Class.  The class code is case sensitive so students should enter the code exactly as it appears within the teacher account.

Adding (and Creating) Student Accounts Via CSV Upload

If a student does not have an Otus account, you may create their account and add them to your class by uploading our CSV template.  To get started, select Class Info.

Select Upload next to the Add Students By Email Field. 

Download the CSV template and enter the appropriate fields.  Once completed, upload the CSV file.

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