The Class Board provides the opportunity for the teacher to post general announcements about each class and to post homework or projects that are due. The Class Board has two sections that you can use however you would like to share information with students and families. This can take the place of a classroom newsletter and will keep a running list of communications that are sent to students and families.

From the home screen, select Classes.

Select Class Board from the secondary navigation

View the Class Board.  For each column, the most recent post will show up at the top.

Select Create Post and select the desired class or classes from the the drop-down menu.

Enter a Title and Description for the post.

If you'd like to add an attachment, you can drag a file from your desktop to the upload section, or click the paperclip at the bottom of the window.

Select Left or Right Panel to determine where the post will display on the Class Board and select Publish.

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