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Students: Using the Class Board
Students: Using the Class Board

For students: Learn how to view the class board for each of your classes.

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The class board is a place where each one of your teachers can post announcements or other information specific to your class.

View the Class Board

1️⃣ First, log in to Otus.

Use your school email and password to log in. Check with your teacher to see if you should use one of the sign-on options instead.

2️⃣ Click on the notification on the notification feed on your home page.

If your teacher just published a new post on the class board, you'll see a notification on your notification feed. You can click directly on the preview or thumbnail image of the post.

3️⃣ Click on your class tile.

You can also access the class board by clicking on Classes. From there, you can click on any one of your class tiles to go directly to the class board for that class.

What Do You See?

1️⃣ Open the post by clicking anywhere on the content you see.

2️⃣ Search for a class board post.

3️⃣ The 📌 icon means that your teacher wants this post to stay at the top of the class board.

4️⃣ Switch to your other classes using this dropdown.

5️⃣ Click Load More to see earlier posts.

If your teacher has enabled comments, you can click Comment, type your comment, and choose save.

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