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Class Board Post Settings: Comments and Scheduling for Later Date
Class Board Post Settings: Comments and Scheduling for Later Date
This article explains the settings for class board posts, which include how to disable comments and scheduling the post for a later date.
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When posting to the Class Board you have the ability to control the ability to comment. You also have the ability to schedule the post to publish at a later date.

Once you have created your post, both of the above options can be found in the Settings section of your post.

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  • By default, the Enable comments box is unchecked.

  • To allow comments, you must check this box.

  • This setting can be changed after you publish (you can enable/disable comments at any time). If you disable comments after comments have already been made, those comments will no longer be visible. If you enable comments again, the comments will reappear.

  • The number of comments will display as a comment bubble on the preview of the post. See image below.

  • Comments will list below the post in the order that they were made (the first comment will appear at the top of the list). See image below.

  • Teachers are able to delete any comments made on the post.

  • Students can delete only their own comments.

  • Families are unable to comment on posts.

  • Families will be able to see the comments made by the teacher and their student(s) only. They will not be able to see the comments of other students.

Scheduling for a Later Date

  • Checking this box will give you the option to choose a date and time the post will be published.

  • If you schedule for a later date, the post will appear on your Class Board (teacher view) with a red Scheduled status. It will not post on the student's view of the Class Board until the set date). See image below.

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