Create Your Assessment

Step 1

Select Assessments from your side navigation.

Step 2

Select the Create Assessment button.

Step 3

Choose (1) Advanced in the Create Assessment pop-up and then enter your Assessment Name, Type, and Grading Scale. Now you can click Next to begin selecting or creating your items.
Note: The grading scale for the assessment will be locked, but you can clone the assessment to change the grading scale from points to non-points and non-points to non-points.

Important Notes:

Bubble Sheet: This option is enabled or disabled by your district administrators if they
Assessment Type:
The Assessment Type does not affect the format of your assessment, but it does allow you to categorize the types in your gradebook and apply different weighting if desired.
Grading Scale:
These scales are created and shared from the district level. If you need an additional grading scale, you'll need to work with your Otus contact at your site. 

Create Your Own Items

If you cannot find items that fit your criteria or have specifics questions or problems that you'd like to include, you can choose from over 60 item types to create your own items. These will be automatically added to your current assessment and will be saved to My Items for future use.

You can preview how your question will look on the student test at any time by clicking on the Preview button.

Don't forget to save each item using the blue save button.  If you just created this item, it will automatically be added to the assessment you're working on.

Add Items to Your Assessment

Step 1

Scroll through the list of My Items to find any previously created items that you'd like to add. 

If you'd like to add items from one of the item banks provided by your district, choose the correct bank from the dropdown.

Step 2

Click on any item to view it in more detail. Then click Add to make it a part of your assessment.

Link Standards to an Item

Review and Save or Assign Your Assessment

You can scroll to the top of your assessment to review the order of questions you've selected. Use the arrows to re-order the questions.

By choosing Save & Exit, you will be able to find your assessment in your drafts and assign it in the future.

By choosing Assign, you will be prompted to select the class, group, or students you wish to take the assessment.  

Congratulations! You have created an advanced assessment in Otus!

*note - if Otus seems to run slow when you're building advanced assessments, you may want to check your school site's web filter/firewall (such as Securely) for potentially blocked URLS. There is a list of URLs that should be added to your district's whitelist in order for Otus to function at it's best!

Next Steps

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