What is a Navigate Item?

Navigate items are pre-built questions that Otus users can incorporate into their Advanced Assessments. These questions are linked to Common Core standards, as well as many other searchable criteria. Because the items have been professionally researched, built, and tested with valid and reliable results, they are unable to be edited by the Otus user. The Navigate Items are only available in Advanced Assessments.

Access to the Navigate Item Bank is based on district settings. For more information about what Item Banks you have access to, please speak with your main Otus contact or reach out to the Otus Support Team via the chat tool.


Create Your Advanced Assessment

Step 1 - Select Assessments from your side navigation.

Step 2 - Select the Create Assessment button.

Choose Advanced in the Create Assessment pop-up and then enter your Assessment Name, Type, and Grading Scale. Now you can click Next to begin selecting or creating your items.


Accessing the Navigate Item Bank

To access the Navigate Item Bank within your Assessment Builder, click on the dropdown that says My Items and select Navigate.

There are a few ways to search for Navigate Items

Option 1: Using the checkbox filters (also known as tags)

Option 2: Search by Standard

Option 3: Search by Content

Option 1: Checkbox Filters

  • Select the criteria you wish to search for
  • Each criteria you "check" should populate in the "tags" section (see image below). This particular example shows searching for a Subject of ELA, a Depth of Knowledge of 1. Recall, and a Cognitive Demand of Applying. These are listed in the tags section as LANG, dok: 1, and cognitive demand: Applying
  • Click Search
  • The items that populate in the list will include all of the criteria you checked.

Option 2: Search by Standard

  • Select Search by Standard
  • Navigate through the menu to choose the standard you wish to find questions for
  • Click the desired standard (you do not have to click search). Once the standard is selected it will automatically begin the search.
  • The items that populate in the list are attached to the standard you searched for. Please note that those questions will also likely be attached to additional standards other than the one you searched for.

*Note - the standard appears in the search field as a tag noted with a string of numbers and letters, rather than the name of the standard itself*

Option 3: Search by Content

  • You can search by titles, keywords, and question types. See image below.


*What Are My Next Steps?*

Once you have completed the process of adding and creating your assessment, it will be time to assign it! Click below to learn how to assign an assessment to your students/classes! 

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