Read the scenarios below, do any of them apply to what you're looking for? If so, read on! Each one of these scenarios has the same solution, and that solution can be found here!

Scenario 1:
A new student has joined your class, and you need to give them grades in the gradebook. But...when you go to the gradebook, you are unable to enter grades for them:

Scenario 2:
A new student has joined your class, and you need them to take an assessment that has already been given to the class. But...when the student goes to their Assessments, none of those assessments are there:


Both scenarios have the same solution: the assessments need to be assigned to them in the Manage Assignees section of the assessments. 

Why? The student wasn't enrolled at the time the assessment was assigned, therefore, the assessments will not be visible until they are assigned.

Here's where to go:

  • In the Assigned section of the Assessments Module, select the class, find the assessment and click the ellipses (...) to the right of the assessment, then click Manage Assignees.
  • This page allows you to control which students are assigned each assessment.
  • Once you've checked the boxes, those assessments will now appear for that student so you can enter a grade.
  • In addition, they will appear for the student to take.
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