When giving a formative assessment, you usually don't want to include the results in the final gradebook that parents see, as formative assessment scores are by nature low. 

When you exclude a grade from the final grade, it will not be included in Otus Report Cards.  Parents will still see the student's scores on these assessments if they look in their parent account gradebook.

In Otus, there are two ways to exclude formative assessment grades from the final grade and report cards:

If You Wish to Exclude an Assessment for Everyone Assigned:

When assigning the assessment, you are given a toggle option to not include the score in the final grade.  You can use this feature if you don't want to include any student's score in their final grade.

For Points Based Advanced, Simple, and Rubric Assessments -

For Points-based + Assessments Added from the Gradebook -

-If the toggle is purple, the assessment WILL be included in the final grade. -

If You Wish to Exclude a Grade for Individual Students in the Points-Based Gradebook:

-Double click the assessment status and choose Exclude.

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