To grade the Assessment, navigate to Assigned Assessments within the Assessment module.  First, select the desired class from the drop down menu. Then hover over the assessment you’d like to grade and click Grade.

Click Grade on a students row to begin the grading process for each individual student.  All objective questions will be auto-scored, and subjective questions will remain blank until the teacher enters the student’s score. 

Make any adjustments necessary (for late work, extra credit, etc.) in the Adjustments field. Please find additional information about the drop down options that appear when grading an assessment.

PLEASE NOTE while grading, if you use Enter Mass Score or fill out the “score” box at the top of a student’s assessment with their point total, the system will not evaluate the score on an item by item basis, but will just give the specified score to the entire assessment.  This will disconnect the standards from the individual items, as each standard needs a point value to be evaluated.   Instead, use the point boxes next to each individual item as shown by the orange arrow in the image above.

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