Does your Advanced Assessment use a Standards Based Grading Scale and you are looking to set a default score for student to receive on auto-graded questions? Then you have come to the right place! With this feature, you have the ability to set the default mastery level a student receives for auto-graded questions.

Please Note: The auto-scored setting is defaulted to give the highest scale label for correct answers and the lowest scale label for incorrect answers. Adjustments within this function is optional and will only be applied if selected by the teacher.

➡️ When to utilize this feature:

  • A teacher would like correct questions to receive a different mastery level other than the highest possible scale label.

  • A teacher does not want students to receive the lowest scale label for incorrect questions.

  • It is up to the district/teacher's discretion when to utilize this feature.

Auto-Score Settings

This section only applies to advanced assessments that utilize Standards Based Grading Scales (Non-Points). You will select the auto-score specifications when assigning your assessment.

  • This feature is assessment wide, not per individual question. This means that the level selected for Correct Answer and Incorrect Answer will be applied to all questions within the assessment.

  • A question is considered "correct" if ALL portions of the individual question are correct. Mid-level scale labels will not apply to partial correct answers. Questions are considered fully Correct or Incorrect.

➡️ Example: If partial credit is being applied and a student gets 3 out of 5 parts correct, they will be given the status of "Incorrect Answer".

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Otus Live

Below is a video from our Otus Live series on standards based auto-scoring options for advanced assessments.


  • Can you edit this setting after the assessment has been assigned? If you edit this setting after the assessment has been assigned, you will receive a message explaining that this only applies to future scores, not scores already collected.

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