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Advanced Assessments: Mastery Item Bank
Advanced Assessments: Mastery Item Bank
Learn how to search for and add Mastery Items to your Advanced Assessments.
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Mastery Item Bank offers pre-built questions that Otus users can incorporate into their Advanced Assessments. These questions are linked to Common Core standards, as well as many other searchable criteria. Because the items have been professionally researched, built, and tested with valid and reliable results, they are unable to be edited by the Otus user. The Mastery Item Bank is only available in Advanced Assessments.

❗ Access to the Mastery Item Bank is based on district settings. For more information about what item banks you have access to, please speak with your main Otus contact or reach out to the Otus Support Team via the chat tool.

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Create Your Advanced Assessment

  • Step 1: Select the Assessments module

  • Step 2: Select Create Assessment in the upper-right corner.

  • Step 3: Select Advanced from the Otus Assessment options. Give the assessment a name, select a type, and select a grading scale.

  • Step 4: Select Create.

Access the Mastery Item Bank

  • Step 1: Click on the dropdown that says My Items.

  • Step 2: Select Mastery Item Bank.

Search the Mastery Item Bank

➡️ Option 1: Checkbox Filters

Step 1: Select the criteria you wish to search for

  • Each criterion you "check" should populate in the "tags" section (see image below). This particular example shows searching for a Subject of ELA, a Depth of Knowledge of 1. Recall, and a Cognitive Demand of Understanding. These are listed in the tags section as Subject, Language, DepthOfKnowledge: 1, and cognitive demand: Understanding.

Step 2: Click Search

  • The items that populate in the list below will include all of the criteria you checked.

➡️ Option 2: Search by Standard

  • Select Search by Standard

  • Navigate through the menu to choose the standard you wish to find questions for.

  • Click the desired standard. Once the standard is selected it will automatically begin the search. You do not have to click search.

  • The items that populate the list are linked to the standard you searched for. Please note that those questions will also likely be attached to additional standards other than the one you searched for.

*Note - the standard appears in the search field as a tag noted with a string of numbers and letters, rather than the name of the standard itself.*

➡️ Option 3: Search by Content

  • You can search by titles, keywords, and question types. See the image below.

  • 1: Search by title here. Example: "E605214"

  • 2: Search by keyword here. Example: "weather"

  • 3: Click the dropdown arrow to select a question/feature type.

  • 4: Select "Published" (not required).

Add Items from the Mastery Item Bank to Your Assessment

  • Step 1: Once you have generated a list of items using one of the search methods listed above, click on the item name (Navigate--1079081 for this example) to preview the item.

  • Step 2: From the preview window, click Add.

    You will then see the item from the Mastery Item Bank included under the Assessment Builder section at the top of the page.

    💡 Tip from the Otus team: Administrator accounts will see an additional option below the Assessment Builder window to Hide item bank items above from teachers. Consider toggling this button ON if you will be using Navigate items for benchmark or other district-wide assessments to ensure that students do not see the same questions duplicated on teacher-created assessments.

Looking for Rubrics for Your Essays from the Mastery Item Bank?

The Mastery Item Bank includes rubrics for all Extended Text (Essay with rich text) items. All other items including what we classify as short text (single-line answers) do not include a rubric.

For the extended text, the rubrics can be found by using the same item reference with “_rubric” added at the end.

For example, the item you provided can be found by searching the Reference field labeled with a "1" above for item with reference number Navigate--576770
or here. The rubric can be found using the same reference number, with _rubric added to it. "Navigate--576770_rubric" or here.

Otus Live Video

Below is a video from our Otus Live series on how to search and add Navigate items to your assessments.


  • Can the items from Mastery Item Bank be edited in any way? No. Because the items have been professionally researched, built, and tested with valid and reliable results, they are unable to be edited by the Otus user, including the scoring.

  • Who developed the Mastery Item Bank? They were developed by Certica. Here is a document that references their creation.

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