If classes are primarily managed directly in Otus and not updated through nightly syncs with your district's student information system, you can archive classes that are no longer active or delete classes that were created in error or have no student data (assessments, completed lessons, etc.) linked to the class.

❗ Important Note: These changes impact all users in Otus. If a co-teacher archives or deletes a class, it is no longer visible or accessible by the main teacher or any of the administrators with access to that school site. If you see a class that you do not teach, please reach out to your administrator before taking action.

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Archive Class

If your district does not automatically update your class lists, you may need to archive a class that is no longer active. If this class is added automatically through your district's nightly sync with your student information system, it will be unarchived overnight. You'll need to have the class removed from your student information system if it is no longer active.

To get started, open your Class Info tab in the Classes module.

To archive the class, select the ellipsis and then choose Archive Class. This does remove the class from active classes in Otus, and the class can no longer be viewed by administrators or teachers/co-teachers of the class.

Unarchive Classes

Classes can be unarchived quite easily from the main administrator account or from the account of the teacher that archived the class.

To unarchive classes, you will need to do the following:

  • Step 1: Choose your profile image from the bottom left-hand corner.

  • Step 2: Choose Edit Profile.

  • Step 3: Select Archived Classes to view a list of all of your archived classes.

  • Step 4: Choose Unarchive beside the class name that you would like to restore.

Delete Class

Deleting is a more permanent solution than archiving a class. If the class was created in error or does not need to be referenced for any completed grades, deleting is a safe option. If there's a chance that the class will be needed in the future, please archive it instead. Deleted classes cannot be restored.

To delete your class, select the ellipsis and choose Delete Class. You will need to confirm that you'd like to delete the class.


  • Who can archive or delete classes? Any user that has access to the class in their Otus account can archive or delete a class. That means a co-teacher or administrator who is not the main teacher of the class can remove the class.

  • Can we archive all of our classes at once or do we have to do it one at a time? Yes, all classes can be archived at once. This process is part of our yearly rollover to prepare your Otus instance for the new school year's rostered classes. Our integrations specialists will help manage this process. If you have questions about mass archiving classes, reach out through chat or contact your district's Client Experience Partner.

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