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Clever (ATS/Stars) FAQ and Troubleshooting
Clever (ATS/Stars) FAQ and Troubleshooting

Frequently asked questions for districts using Clever with ATS/STARS (NYCDOE) to roster students on Otus.

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Please use the information below to help clarify any questions you may have regarding how Clever and Otus work together. This article includes special information specific to districts using ATS/STARS.

❗ If your district does NOT use ATS/STARS, please use the article below:

How does the sync work between our district SIS, Clever, and Otus?

The Clever rostering integration is a NYCDOE process. The NYCDOE DIIT office will send rostering information from ATS/Stars to Clever. It will take the NYCDOE 72 hours to share any changes that have been made to finalized schedules in ATS/Stars with Clever. The rostering information that exists for your school in Clever at the time of the nightly sync, will be the rostering information that is shared with Otus.

If my district uses Clever for rostering, how are teacher, student, and admin accounts created in Otus?

  • Admin Accounts: Administrative accounts do not come in through Clever. Admin accounts must be manually created in Otus.

  • Teacher Accounts: Teacher emails should be created/managed in ATS/Stars.

  • Student Accounts: Student emails should be created/managed in ATS/Stars.

How can I update an email address for a student or teacher in Otus?

  • Email adjustments for students and teachers should be made directly in ATS/Stars. Once the adjustment have been made, it will take approximately 72 hours for the changes to appear Clever. Once this new data appears in Clever, a nightly sync is required for that data to bring the changes into Otus.

  • If you are not seeing the changes in Otus after this time, please reach out to Otus Support in the chat feature so that we may further assist you.

How do I add a co-teacher to my class if my district uses Clever for rostering?

  • If the co-teacher you wish to add is NOT in ATS/STARS, you can add the co-teacher manually in Otus.

  • If you want to add a co-teacher to your class in Otus and they already exist in ATS/Stars, then the teacher will need to be added as a co-teacher in ATS/Stars. This will need to be done by NYCDOE DIIT Office. Co-teachers added to ATS/Stars will be seen in Clever within 72 hours. After the new data is available in Clever, a nightly sync must occur in order for this new information to be reflected in Otus.

    (ATS/Stars only allows a maximum of 2 co-teachers. If your class requires more than 2 co-teachers, the additional teachers will need to be removed from ATS/Stars and then added as a co-teacher manually, directly into Otus.)

A student is missing from my class roster in Otus. Why?

If a student(s) is missing from your roster in Otus, here are a few things to check.

  • Step 1: Are schedules finalized in ATS/Stars? If not, contact NYCDOE DIIT office.

  • Step 2: Is this student listed in the class(es) in ATS/Stars? If not, contact NYCDOE DIIT office.

  • Step 3: Is the student listed in that class(es) in Clever yet? If not, please wait 72 hours from when the student was added to the class(es) in ATS/Stars.

  • Step 4: Has at least 1 successful sync occurred between Clever and Otus?

If you answered yes to all of the questions above, it is likely that the student's ID will require an adjustment from a member of our team. Please reach out using the Otus chat feature to let us know that a students isn't properly rostered. In your message, please share the name of the student and their email address.

How can I add a student to my class in Otus?

In order to add a new student to your class in Otus, the student will need to be added to the class in ATS/STARS by the NYCDOE DIIT office. It may take up to 72 hours for the student to appear on your Otus roster after they have been added to the class in ATS/STARS. Please note that students who are manually added to a class in Otus will be removed after the nightly sync if they have not also been added in your SIS/Clever.

If my district uses Clever for rostering, how can I create a sandbox (practice) class in Otus?

You can manually create a class in Otus and add students. A manually added class in a teacher's account will not be removed by the sync. Students added to these manually created classes will also not be removed after the nightly sync. (Note: Your district must have the manual rostering featured enabled in Otus in order to do this.)

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