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Comment on Assessments in the Assessments View

Comment on completed assessments from the assessments view of the gradebook.

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Comments are a great way to provide feedback to students on their completed assessments. You can comment on both points-based and standards-based assessments while grading the assessment or from the assessments view of the gradebook.

Adding a Comment on an Assessment Grade

  • Step 1: Open the gradebook and select the assessments view.

  • Step 2: Click on the comment bubble.

  • Step 3: Type your comment. The comment can be a maximum of 1000 characters. Select Save.

  • The comment bubble will darken on the gradebook page if a comment has been added.

Need to delete the comment? Open the grading page for that assessment from your assigned assessment list. You can view the comment and can delete it there.

View Comments as a Student

The student can view a comment on an assessment in the assessments view or in the graded assessment.

In the Assessments View

Students can view comments directly in the assessments view instead of opening the graded assessment.

After opening the gradebook, the last column in the table shows the comments.

In the Assessment

In order to see the comments in the assessment, the assessment must be graded and Allow Post Grading Review must be enabled to allow the student to review their graded assessment.

From their assessments module, students select the graded assessment and then Review. The comment is at the bottom of the assessment. The example below shows a rubric assessment, but the process is the same for each type.

FAQ and Troubleshooting

Click here to view the FAQ and troubleshooting details.

Why is the student missing the Review button when they click on their assessment?

This means that the setting Allow Post Grading Review has not been enabled in the assigned assessment. Click here for more information.

Can I add the same comment for a few different students?

Yes! In the assessments view of the gradebook, you can select multiple students using the checkboxes beside their name. Then click on the comment bubble for the any student you've selected, enter the comment, and save. The comment will populate for all of the selected students. Learn more here!

Can I delete a comment? I commented on the wrong student.

Yes! You'll need to open the grading page from your assigned assessment list. Find the student in the list and open their assessment. You'll see the comment and can delete it there.

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