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Advanced Assessment: Create a Survey
Advanced Assessment: Create a Survey

Create a survey using an Advanced Assessment.

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Now that you've started building advanced assessments, you may want to create a survey, where students can select any answer in the advanced assessment and have it be counted as correct. After the survey has been completed, you can view the results in Assessment Analytics.

Examples of Survey Use Cases:

➡️ Need help getting started with Advanced Assessment first? Click here

There are two ways to utilize this Survey Format.

  1. Create an entire assessment in the Survey Format. This is great for gathering data on information such as the use cases listed above.

  2. Create an individual survey question within an assessment using the Survey Format. For example, assessing your students on a novel, then ending the assessment with a survey question that will not effect the score/grade. In order to do this, please view the portion of this article titled, Survey Within an Assessment.

Question types that lend themselves to a Survey format are as follow:

  • Multiple Choice

  • Fill in the Blank

  • Classify, Match & Order

Example: All answers are given full credit

Build the Question

After you choose to create your own item, select the Question Category from the options on the left and then the specific question type.

Step 1: Compose Question (multiple choice has been used as example)

  • Compose question: type the question into this field

  • To add answer options, select the blue + ADD button.

  • To reorder answer options, click and drag the reorder button to the left of the answer choice.

  • To delete an option, select the trash can icon.

  • You have many formatting options from the Rich Text toolbar, including changing the font size, adding tables, using math symbols, adding multimedia, and more! Click here for more information on the different functions of the Rich Text toolbar.

Set Answers and Scoring

Set Correct Answers

  • Determine the number of points the question is worth.

  • Select the correct answer(s) in this section.

  • Select the blue + to add an alternate answer. This must be done in order for each possible answer to be scored as correct.

Survey Within an Assessment

To create a survey question within an assessment:

  • follow the above steps

  • change point value of ALL alternate answers to zero

  • select "More options"

  • select "Unscored/Practice usage"

Following these steps will ensure that this individual question will not effect the results of the other questions within the assessment.

Student Preview

It's highly recommended to Preview the question before adding it to the assessment. This displays the question as the students will see it and also verifies that the answers and scoring work as expected.

Step 1: Select the Preview button to go into Preview mode

Step 2: Select the correct answers, including alternates.

Step 3: Verify that the auto-score correctly calculates the point value (in this example, 1/1)

➡️ Want to preview the entire assessment? Click here for details.

Exclude Survey From Gradebook

Points Gradebook:

In order to make sure the survey does not effect the student's points gradebook, make sure the "Include Score in Final Grade" is toggled off.

Standards Gradebook:

In oder to make sure the survey does not effect the student's standards gradebook, make sure there are no standards attached to the items.

View Analytics

Selecting the question from the dropdown will show the results for that specific item.

Selecting a piece if the pie chart will display students who have selected that answer.

  • Learn more about assessment analytics here.

Create/Add Students To Groups

After viewing the data, you can create and add students to groups based on the survey results. This can be beneficial for differentiation or grouping students by information that will benefit their learning experience.

💡 Only teachers can see these groups. They are not visible to students or families.

  • Learn more about student groups here.


The Advanced Assessment builder is created by Learnosity. For more information about Alternate Answers, review this resource:

Otus Live

Below is a video from our Otus Live series on how to create a survey question type.

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