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Connect & Upload Files to an SFTP Server
Connect & Upload Files to an SFTP Server

Connect to an SFTP server and upload your files.

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Connect to an SFTP Server

  • Step 1: Download and install an SFTP client such as "Filezilla." (Images in this article are what will be seen if you use Filezilla as your SFTP).

  • Step 2: Once Filezilla (or other SFTP client) is downloaded, select the Site Manager icon.

  • Step 3: Add New Site and enter site name.

  • Step 4: Select Information

    • Protocol: SFTP

    • Logon Type: Normal

  • Step 5: Enter credentials shared with you by the Otus team, then Connect!

Add Files To Your SFTP

  • Step 1: Connect to your "Site" (as seen in steps above.)

  • Step 2: Drop Files

    • Drop down Home Folder.

    • Open Incoming.

    • Drag and Drop files into Incoming Folder.

  • Step 3: Inform your Otus contact that files have been uploaded!

Important Information

  • If you are sharing rostering or group files, we recommend setting up a daily automated export from your SIS to the SFTP.

  • Additionally, if you are sharing updated rostering and group data to the sftp, the file name and headers in your file should be the same as they were when we first completed the integration process.

Original File

New File

Will the new file process without error?





The new file name is the same as the original




We are expecting a file named groups.csv. The changed title will cause an error when trying to post data.

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