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The To Do List on the Teacher Home Page
The To Do List on the Teacher Home Page

The To Do list on a teacher's home page will display the completion of individual lessons and assessments.

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The To Do list displays assigned assessments and lessons that have not reached 100% completion. It is part of the Home page, and is located on the right-side of the screen.

The Notification Feed is also on the home page. For more information on the Notification Feed, click the button below!

Assessment and Lesson Order

  • Assessments and lessons are listed by due date with the closest-to-today's date appearing at the top. If there isn't a due date, they will appear from oldest to newest based on their start date or date they were assigned.

💡 Tip: Overdue assessments and lessons will always appear at the top of their respective lists.

  • Show All: A maximum of three (3) assessments and lessons will display at once; if there are more than 3 active assessments or lessons, you can expand either list by selecting Show All. To collapse the list again, select Show Less.

  • Once an assessment or lesson has reached 100% completion, it will be removed from the To Do list.

  • Any assessments that have been marked as Excused or Excluded will not be listed on the To Do list.

Assessment and Lesson Details

  • Included in the list will be the name of the assessment or lesson, the name of the class the lesson was assigned to, the progress bar, the number of students the lesson was assigned to, the due date (if there is one), and the number of points the assessment is worth. See the image below:

Due Date Information:

  • If the due date is within 72 hours, an exclamation icon will display (see the image on the left below).

  • If the due date has passed, the due date will turn orange, and appear with an exclamation icon (see the image on the right below).

Progress Bar

  • Hovering over the progress bar will allow you to see how many students fall into each section.

  • Lessons have three statuses: Completed, In Progress, or Not Started.

  • Assessments have four statuses: Graded, Turned In, In Progress, Not Started.

Accessing the Assessment or Lesson

  • Selecting the name of the assessment will take you to your assigned assessment page for that class.

Otus Live Video

Click to see a video from our Otus Live series on the notification feed and to-do list.

FAQ and Troubleshooting

Click to see FAQ and troubleshooting details.

How do I remove items from my To Do list?

A lesson or assessment will be removed from the to-do list once it has been completed by all students assigned to it. You can unassign the assessment or lesson from individual students who haven't completed the lesson or assessment using Manage Assignees. You can also unassign lessons or assessments from entire classes to remove them from the to do list, but keep in mind, that this will erase all of their work associated with that lesson or assessment.

Do assessments and lessons from the entire school year appear on the To Do list?

Yes - lessons from the current academic year will appear on your To Do list.

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