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Upload ThinCC Resources
Upload ThinCC Resources

Learn how to upload ThinCC resources in Otus.

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Many resources can be exported from your content provider's application as a ThinCC or Thin Common Cartridge file format. This format can be accepted as an upload to the Otus Bookshelf and then shared with students in a lesson or by itself as a resource.

1️⃣ Export your resources in ThinCC format.

Find out from your content provider if there's a way to export your resources in ThinCC format. Files with the extension ".imscc" are either Common Cartridge or Thin Common Cartridge files. These files can be uploaded to the bookshelf.

❗️ Otus does not support full Common Cartridge files. Any full Common Cartridge files you try to add will not show up on your bookshelf.

2️⃣ Open your bookshelf and click the plus sign. Select Upload ThinCC.

3️⃣ Select the ThinCC ".imscc" file from where you saved it.

4️⃣ Manage the resource in your bookshelf.

Any ThinCC files will show up in your Bookshelf for you to organize in a folder or to share directly to colleagues, full classes, or students. All resources uploaded from a ThinCC file will be listed in the bookshelf with this icon:

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