Now that you have added resources to your bookshelf, you can share them with:

  • An entire class
  • Specific students
  • Student groups
  • Teachers

A few notes regarding sharing resources:

  • You can share both individual resources AND folders. 
  • If you add a resource to a folder you've shared, any user with that folder will have access to the newly-added resource. There is no need to re-share the folder.

How to Share Bookshelf Resources

Locate the resource you'd like to share by going to your Bookshelf and clicking on the ellipses next to the resource. Select ˆShare.

The next screen will display your options (Classes, Students, Groups, or Email) for sharing the resource.

Sharing with Classes: Select the class(es) you'd like to share with, then click Done.

Sharing with Students: Select the student(s) you'd like to share with, then click Done.

Sharing with Groups: Select the group(s) you'd like to share with, then click Done.

Sharing with Teachers:

  • Click Email.
  • Type in the full email address of the teacher you'd like to share it with.
  • Click SEARCH.
  • Click Share in the upper right hand corner.


Bookshelf Sharing FAQ:

  • How do I know who I've shared a resource with? Click on the ellipsis next to the resource and click Share. A checkmark next to a name, class, group, or email indicates that resources is shared with them.
  • Can I delete a resource that's been shared with me? To remove a resource from your Shared with Me bookshelf, the original user that shared it with you has to unshare it with you. That will remove it from your bookshelf.
  • How do I unshare a resource? Click on the ellipses next to the resource and click Share. Uncheck any name that currently has a checkmark next to it and click Done (for students) or Update (for teachers). See the example below.
  • How can you view the resources that have been shared with you? Any resources that has been shared with you can be found in the Shared with Me section of your bookshelf. This option is located on the left side of the screen.


That's it! You've now learned how to share your bookshelf resources!

Check out the links below for more information on the Otus Bookshelf!

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