This article will describe the functions of the Sites, Teachers, and Students sections of the District module in the Main Admin account.

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The Sites section serves as the landing page for when you first login to the Main Administrator account. This contains tiles for each of the sites (schools) included in the district.

  • Teacher List

    • Clicking on a site will take you to a list of teachers that belong to that site.

  • Add a Class

    • Clicking the + Add Class button is how you can add a class. The specific site for the class will need to be identified during the creation. For more information on adding classes, click here.


The Teachers section of the District module will show all teachers in the district. You can search by site, teacher groups, or by name.

  • View Classes

    • To see a teacher's classes, click on the class icon on that teacher's tile. Clicking on a class tile will then take you to a list of students in that class. 

  • Remove

    • Selecting the trash can icon will remove this teacher from the district's teacher list in the administrator view. This action will not completely delete their Otus account.

  • Email

    • To email a teacher, click on the envelope icon.


The Students section of the District module will show the students in the district. 

  • Search by group or name to locate a student account.

  • Student Profile

    • Clicking on a student will take you to their student profile.

    • For more information on the Student Profile, click HERE.

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