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Otus Data Consortium

View and share data with multiple school districts

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What is an Otus Data Consortium?

An Otus Data Consortium is a group of districts that agree to share data with one another for analysis and collaboration through Otus. Otus now allows multiple school districts to aggregate and share student assessment data with one another to collaborate on best practices and program innovation. 

Why be a Part of an Otus Data Consortium?

  • Data analysis during township or regional leadership meetings

  • Articulation meetings about curriculum, instruction, and special services between different school systems

  • School Board presentations about district performance that require comparisons to similar schools

What's Available in Otus?

Otus District Module

  • Search for sites (school) based on the District you've selected.

  • Search Teachers and Students according to District and Site.


  • Use a district filter to define a cohort to compare with other districts in your area using Query or Historical reports. This will allow you to compare students that meet your criteria across districts for data such as other assessments, NWEA, and standards. 

Control Center

Use the District dropdown in every Control Center menu (Grading, Admin Users, Uploads, Academic Sessions, Integrations) to further filter your selections.

How Do You Get Access?

This is a special account that we will need to set up for you. Reach out to us via chat to request to be a part of an Otus Data Consortium.

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