Roster with Clever

Learn how to roster and pull in group data via Clever.

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Rostering is the fastest, most effective way to roll out Otus across your organization. By automatically creating accounts and classes with data from your SIS (Student Information System), you can expand reach and drive adoption across your entire community.

You may choose to transfer data from your SIS via Clever, especially if your school or district already uses Clever. 

Setting up a Clever Sync

Step 1: Add Otus in Clever

  • Add the Otus app to your district administrator account. If you don’t already use Clever, you can sign up for a free account here.

Step 2: Share data with Otus 

  • Set sharing permissions for Otus to let Clever know what data you’d like to transfer. We recommend sharing by district if your full district purchased or sharing by school and including the following required and optional data points:

➡️ Required Fields

  • schools

  • sis_id

  • school

  • district

  • name

  • email

  • student_number

  • state_id

➡️ Optional Fields

  • race

  • iep_status

  • grade

  • ell_status

  • gender

  • hispanic_ethnicity

  • frl_status

❗ Please keep the following in mind when sharing data via Clever:

  1. An account will be created for every teacher and student shared with Otus.

  2. Classes will be created for every section shared with Otus, so set up sharing rules to omit unnecessary or inactive classes.

  3. You can see the data you share with Otus in the Clever data browser. If necessary, contact Clever to adjust your sync settings.

  • Once you complete this, we will receive a notification from Clever stating that data is now being shared with Otus.

Step 3: Our team will finalize the setup in Otus

  • Once our team has configured your Clever sync in Otus, we will contact you to review rostering and/or group data in our live environment. 

Step 4: Rostering is complete

  • Enjoy Otus! Please reach out to our team if you have any questions along the way. We are happy to help! 

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