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Student Portfolio Overview
Student Portfolio Overview

Overview of the student portfolio with links to additional information.

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The Student Portfolio is a place to collect student work and artifacts from year to year, including assessments, blog posts, audio/video recordings, and uploads. Any work added to the portfolio can be seen by teacher, student, and family accounts. Both educators and students can add items to the portfolio.

Access the Student Portfolio

  • Step 1: To view the Student Portfolio, first navigate to the student's profile.

    • Teacher accounts: Select the Students tab in your Classes module, select the correct class from the dropdown menu, and then select the student for the portfolio you wish to view.

    • Admin accounts: Use the method described above, or select the Students tab in your Home module and search for a specific student, then click their student tile.

  • Step 2: From the student profile, select the Content tab. You will see the three most recent items added to the portfolio, along with the any blog posts that have been added. To see all items that have been added to the portfolio, click on the Portfolio title.

💡 Tip: Teacher, student, and family accounts can click on any item in the portfolio to see it in greater detail. The only exception is that teachers can see details for all assessments, but can only see the contents of their own assessments.

Add or Remove Items

For instructions on how to add or remove items from the student portfolio, please use the buttons below.

Student Instructions

For more information on how students can view and add items to their portfolios, click the button below.

FAQ and Troubleshooting

Click to view FAQ and troubleshooting details.

Do the items in the student's portfolio travel with them from year to year?

Yes. :)

Is there a limit to the number of items that can be added to the portfolio?

No, but there may be file size limits. Click here to learn more.

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