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Review District Student Groups Sync
Review District Student Groups Sync

Check to ensure that student groups are syncing properly from your SIS.

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Are you populating student groups in Otus automatically using your SIS (student information system)? If so, this article will outline how you can check on those groups to make sure they are syncing properly.

  • Step 1: View Groups

    • From the District page of your Admin or Main Admin account, select Student Groups from the left-hand menu.

  • Step 2: Review Students in Groups

    • Review students assigned to each group by viewing the number next to each group name. To view specific students, select the ellipsis and then View Students from the dropdown menu on each tile.

➡️ Please record the following information while reviewing the student list for each group: 

  • Groups that are empty and/or missing students (if possible, it is helpful to provide us with the name of a student who should be populating into this group).

  • Groups that you would like us to remove from your account.

  • Groups that are populated incorrectly (it is helpful to provide us with the name of a student placed in a group that is populated incorrectly).

Once you have reviewed the student groups in Otus, please send an email to to either confirm that students are populating correctly, or to share the errors you recorded while reviewing groups.   

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