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Sending Copies of Assessments | Admin
Sending Copies of Assessments | Admin

Administrators can send teachers copies (or share copies) of assessments. They can be sent locked or unlocked.

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Administrators can send (or share) copies of simple, advanced, and rubric assessments to any user teacher or admin user.

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How to Send a Copy of an Assessment

  • Step 1: Locate the Assessment in your Drafts.

  • Step 2: Select the ellipsis.

  • Step 3: Select Send Copy.

  • Step 4: Search for the teacher by typing in the entire email address of the desired recipient. Hit Enter or Return on your keyboard. The recipient will appear just underneath the title of the assessment you are sending.

  • Step 5: Determine if you'd like to send the assessment locked or unlocked. For more information about locked assessments, check out this article.

Are you wanting to share a folder of assessments? Click here for more information

  • Step 6: Once you select Send, a green confirmation message in the upper-right corner of your screen lets you know that it was Successfully Sent.

How to Access a Sent Assessment

Teachers will receive a notification on their home feed when an assessment is sent to them. Click on the notification OR navigate to your Draft Assessments page.

  • If the assessment was sent unlocked: The assessment is listed in the recipient's My Folders > All folder with a paper airplane icon.

  • If the assessment was sent locked: The assessment is listed in the recipient's Shared With Me > All folder with a paper airplane and padlock icon. Keep in mind that sending locked assessments can only be done from an admin account.

  • To see who sent the assessment, hover over the paper airplane icon.


Keep in mind, that this section is regarding administrators sending other teachers or administrators an individual assessment. Check out the links below for more information on teachers sending assessments or administrators sharing assessment folders.

  • Can I edit an assessment that has been sent to me? If the assessment was sent to you unlocked, yes.

  • If I make edits to an assessment I have sent to another user, will their copy show those edits as well? Unlocked assessments do NOT show those edits. Locked assessments DO show those edits.

  • Do I have to re-send the assessment if I make edits to it? Unlocked assessments have to be resent. Locked assessments do not have to be re-sent.

  • If I sent an assessment locked, then later decide that it should be unlocked, can I change it? You can re-send the assessment with the correct permissions, as that toggle can't be changed once the assessment has been sent.

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